KDJSS Visitors 2016
Moo Duk Kwan Ko Dan Ja Shim Sa USA Visitors

Good news for busy people who missed the Early Registration Discounts For The Moment With The Masters & KDJSS Visitor Tracks!

You can still get the "Moo Duk Kwan® Anniversary Discount" when you register before November 9, 2016.



The Moo Duk Kwan® provides exciting, advanced training tracks for Dans of all ranks during the annual Master's Test (Ko Dan Ja Shim Sa).

  • Scroll down to download the registration form

These dynamic and exciting sessions  will add an inspirational and motivational learning experience unlike any other to your Soo Bahk Do training portfolio.   This opportunity only knocks once a year.

2016 KDJSS Visitor and Moment With Master Registration Form

For a member attending only a single day in 2016 and registering early, the per day cost = $187 - 10% ($18.05) = $168.95

Download (PDF, Unknown)


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