Bus-256Registration for the Ko Dan Ja Shim Sa and the Moment With The Masters includes scheduled group bus transportation to and from airport on the dates and times specified on the registration form provided enough riders sign up.

NOTE: When there are enough MWM passengers, a return bus will be made available Sunday Nov 6th departing hotel at 12:00 - 1: 00.

Upon arrival please meet at the location you are told by the bus rider coordinator.Cars-256

Should your arrival or departure schedule preclude you from using the group bus service, you might consider using a shuttle service, renting a car or arranging a ride with someone who will be taking a car to the event.  Fellow attendees may have a car or be renting a car and some may have similar arrival or departure schedules as you, but please be courteous and do not ask a fellow member to miss any part of the event just to transport you.  If your plans do not fit their schedule, please make alternate arrangements.

For attendees needing to arrive or depart at times other than those serviced by the provided buses, there are a number of alternate transportation opportunities available.

Some may like to utilize their ride sharing apps like Uber or Lyft. Pricing from the Airport varies daily.

Note: Uber and Lyft connect you with individuals who have signed up with each company to provide rides for those requesting them through each company. You can book through each company website and their mobile app.