KDJSS Pre-Evaluation Videos 2021

2021 Ko Dan Ja Shim Sa Pre-evaluation Videos

2020 and 2021 Time eligible members who are interested in seeking a recommendation to test for Ko Dan Ja ranks at the 2021 Ko Dan Ja Shim Sa are required to be evaluated for readiness by your Regional Examiner(s).  Given the current state of COVID uncertainty still present in the United States, pre-evaluations will be performed by video submission.  

Locations and dates for the 2021 KDJSS being considered are Dec 3-10 Utah and Nov 5-12 Orlando, Florida. (Take the survey.)

If you are a time-eligible member and plan to seek a recommendation to test you must submit a video demonstration of your required Hyung no later than April 15, 2021 to the Soo Bahk Do Institute using the upload features below. 

Seek your instructor's permission before completing this process.

Your video will be reviewed by your Regional Examiner(s) and/or TAC to determine your preparedness and eligibility to test.

If you have already submitted one or more videos to your Regional Examiners, please upload the same video(s) to the Institute.

*if a candidate is senior to the Regional Examiners the video review will be deferred to TAC.

Regional Examiners will submit recommendations by April 25th, 2021.

TAC will send Invitations to approved members shortly after April 31st, so that ample time is afforded for travel arrangements to Utah in December

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Upload Instructions

To upload your required hyung videos, click a button below and follow the prompts.

If necessary, you can upload part of your videos and then come back later to upload the rest.

If you upload a video, then preview it and decide you want to upload a better performance, you can do so up until the date when uploading will be disabled.

Should you encounter any technical issues, please contact HQ for prompt assistance.

Required Hyung

  1. Chil Sung Sa Ro
  2. Po Wol
  3. Sip Soo
  4. Kang Sang Koon
  1. Chil Sung O Ro
  2. Yang Pyun
  3. Sei Shan
  4. Wang Shu
  1. Chil Sung Yuk Ro
  2. Sal Chu
  3. Ji On
  4. O Ship Sa Bo
  1. Chil Sung Chil Ro
  2. Hwa Sun
  3. Choong Ro

Note: Some field labels in the step-by-step wizard may not seem exactly relevant for the KDJSS video upload process, but please ignore that and proceed.