The menu may vary from year to year, but the following is typical of the meals served.

vintage-food-menu-design_gyjhc3dd_lTHIS YEAR (2016)

Nov 11 Friday Night:

-          Carnitas Taco Meal: carnitas meat, flour tortillas, cilantro lime rice, refried beans, cabbage, lime wedges, queso fresco, guacamole, salsa & churros

-          Cookie Snack

Nov 12 Saturday:

-          French Toast: w/Scrambled Eggs and sausage patties

-          Quiznos Turkey Melt – this is a hot turkey and provolone sandwich served on a large homemade loaf cut into 8 portions for the table: served with waffle fries, lettuce/tomato, mayo/mustard, special sauce, pickles, cookies

-          Teriyaki Chicken Meal: teriyaki chicken, coconut rice, seasonal vegetables, bread, Asian salad, dressing, pineapple upside down cake

Nov 13 Sunday:

-          Scrambled Egg Breakfast Skillet: baked in the oven (breakfast potatoes, scrambled eggs, ham, veggies, cheese) w/fruit salad, muffin, cereal

-          Pizza: pizza, broccoli and carrot crudité, parm cheese, ranch dressing, cookie

-          Pasta Dinner: penne pasta, meat sauce, Caesar salad, bread, cupcakes

-          Cookie Snack

Nov 14 Monday:

-          Scrambled Eggs: w/Biscuits/gravy

-          Chicken Sandwiches: w/Macaroni and Cheese, lettuce/tomato, ranch, bbq, cookies

-          Pork Tenderloin: tenderloin, roasted potatoes, steamed broccoli, salad, dressing, bread, apple cobbler

-          Cookie Snack

Nov 15 Tuesday:

-          Pancakes: w/scrambled eggs, whipped cream, strawberries, sausage links

-          Chicken Caesar Salad: w/Soup and Bread

-          Shepherd’s Pie: w/seasonal vegetables, bread, salad, dressing, big cookie dessert

-          Cookie Snack

Nov 16 Wednesday:

-          Breakfast Quesadillas: scrambled eggs, breakfast quesadillas, salsa, muffins, cereal

-          Burgers: w/potato chips, baked beans, lettuce/tomato/pickles/mayo/mustard, cookie

-          DINNER OFF SITE

-          Cookie Snack

Nov 17 Thursday:

-          Scrambled Eggs: w/bacon and tater tots

-          Salad Bar with Grilled and Breaded Chicken & Rolls

-          Chicken Alfredo

-          Cookie Snack

Nov 18 Friday:

-          Oatmeal Bar w/Frittata and sausage


Moo Duk Kwan® Ko Dan Ja Shim Sa USA November 10-17, 2017 Montgomery Texas